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Streamlined Merchant Fulfillment for Your Business

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     Order Fulfillment can be intimidating and time consuming, but is necessary in e-commerce.  We make order fulfillment easy for you by making this process as hands off as possible.  Orders automatically populate and are fulfilled without you having to say a word.  Once the shipping labels have been purchased, orders are closed in your store with tracking information.


      Our software integrates with your shopping carts to make order fulfillment Simple and Efficient.  Real-time inventory management prevents overselling and can map different SKU’s for the same item across all of your stores.

Pick and Pack

     Inventory is warehoused on shelving in specific locations within the 3PL section of the warehouse.  Items are picked and placed on carts in separate bins for each order; reducing error and increasing efficiency.  The packing stations pull each order, scan the packing slip, and Scan Every Item in the order to ensure order accuracy.  

Cost-Effective & Flexible Shipping

     We work closely with the UPS, FedEx, and the USPS to keep rates to a minimum; saving you money along the way.  Our Central Location in the US keeps shipping costs down by reducing the distance to the most populated areas of the US. 


     We Close-the-Loop and take care of returned goods as well.  Items are received, inspected, added back to stock or discarded as directed by you.  

Custom Packaging and Inserts

     If you are looking to further enhance your brand, custom packaging and inserts are an option.  Whether you want to Generate Repeat Business or increase your brand awareness, we are flexible and able to adapt to your needs.

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