Why us?

We Take Pride in Customer Service

Our Philosophy

     We are a prep and fulfillment company with one thing in mind – YOU!  Excellent customer service allows us to build relationships and learn what you need to make your business successful.  Customers are the building block to any business, so we start there.

Our Team

     As a Veteran Owned company, we’re ready to take on anything you throw our way.  And, with a background in selling online, we treat your products like they’re our own.  Our team is highly trained and well versed in the e-commerce marketplace.  Lean Six Sigma principles are also followed to keep orders flowing and waste to a minimum.  

Our Commitment to You

     Our commitment to you is exactly that – a Commitment!  We put our reputation on the line every day with every item that we handle.  Your goods keep your business moving and we are devoted to protecting them while in our care.   Order accuracy is just as crucial, so we continuously monitor and add safeguards to prevent outflow; leading to 99.7% order accuracy.

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