Complete the Circle

We offer returns management to make things even easier for you.  You receive a request for return, tag the order in the software and request a return label, then we await for the item to arrive.  We’ll inspect and let you know the item condition so you can determine what…

Tell Us About Your Business

Tier based or custom pricing available based on order volume, product type, prep work required, etc.  Our fully customized process allows for the best treatment of your products.

Quality Control and Prep Products

Quality checks are completed and Damaged Goods are reported to you as we complete your order.  This is also where we Polybag, Bubble Wrap, Kit/Bundle, Label, etc if needed.

Store Products

Products are sent to storage and await further direction from you.  We are fully insured and protected to give you peace-of-mind while you wait to ship your goods.

Pick, Pack, and Ship Your Products

Orders are received via your integrated platforms so we can pick, pack, and ship your products.  Once we purchase shipping labels, the orders are closed in your store and updated with tracking information.  No need to provide order numbers, names, SKU’s, etc every time an order is placed in your…

Pack and Ship Goods to FBA Fulfillment Center

We Prep, Pack, and Ship Goods according to Amazon’s Strict Guidelines every day.  There’s no need for user permissions either as our software integrates directly with your Seller Central Account.

Shipments Delivered to PPF

Delivered goods are processed based on a FIFO (First-In, First-Out) system to keep things moving in a timely manner.  Turn-around time averages 24-48 hours from the time of delivery.

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