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Store Products for Amazon Drip Feed or Dispursement to Other Platforms

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Our core value is attention to detail, and we are your product’s safety net. Our employees are trained to Amazon’s exacting standards in order to prevent damaged goods from leaving the warehouse. For order errors, we additionally confirm that your shipments match the BOLs and ship slips.

Furthermore, our completely insured and secure facility provides storage and warehousing for individual units to whole container shipments, giving you peace of mind. We will unload, receive, count, and store your items without charging you for long-term storage.

Stay on top of your inventory and order levels with Pro Prep to ensure you offer the utmost care to your clients. Whether an established company, a growing company, or a startup, we work with you as a partner and not just any third-party warehouse company.

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How It Works

Warehouse services should not be overlooked as they are at the heart of your eCommerce business. Ensure your products are stored securely and strategically with a warehousing and fulfillment service provider that treats your products like their own. Pro Prep offers you the following:

Fulfillment Services

Third-party logistics services are provided by our fulfillment facility. Inventory is delivered to our facility via your ecommerce companies. Storage and order fulfillment can be included in warehousing services near you. Additional services such as the inventory management and product customization are available from us. Products are received and orders are shipped out of our logistics warehouses.Our 3PL warehouses service a variety of clientele.

The ferocious competition in the markets worldwide hinges on responsive and timely services that we can help you achieve. A strategic 3pl partner like Pro Prep provides you with flexible and scalable global warehouse services so you get the support you need.

Storage Services

The purpose of our storage warehouse is to store resources and items. Our storage warehouse is used by several clients from different industries. We treat your goods with utmost care and ensure safety.

Likewise, our prime location ecommerce storage warehouses make it easy for us to supply services quickly. Consequently, it saves both time and money.


When a consumer puts an order on your ecommerce website, the information is sent immediately to your third-party logistics centre. A picker will locate the products for the order, each in its own allotted shelf space. A packer will identify the ideal box size for your products and fill it with filler to ensure that they arrive securely.

A successful ecommerce firm relies on accurate picking and packing. Our firm was established to deliver the best fulfillment services in the industry because Pro Prep and Fulfillment was formed by ecommerce professionals. Our skilled warehouse team, certainly, has a near-perfect accuracy record.

Shipping and Order Fulfillment

Shipping is the last step in the order fulfillment process. The shipping station receives your order after it has been packed and labeled. Once a shipment is carried out of the warehouse, it is the responsibility of the carrier to deliver it to your customer safely.

The services provided by Pro Prep and Fulfillment go beyond the warehouse dock. We have established ties with the major carriers, allowing us to negotiate lower prices and better dimensional weight factors, thereby saving you money on shipment. And we will move heaven and earth to make sure your orders get delivered. When carrier capacity limits hampered shipment for other warehouses, we devise innovative strategies to ensure that our clients’ deliveries were delivered on time.

What Makes Us the Best?

We provide what we promise, which is market-leading ecommerce services, rather than making flimsy claims. When it comes to providing services to our clients, we leave no stone untouched. All of our processes are continuously monitored to ensure quality and accuracy, from customer service to packaging to delivery.

Prime Location

Looking for warehouse storage near you? Shipping costs and delivery times are heavily influenced by the location of the warehouse you choose. And these factors have a significant impact on consumer satisfaction.

Our logistics warehouses are located in a strategic, central location. This enables us to serve a larger number of customers with quick and low-cost shipping.


Nothing is more disappointing for an excited customer than opening a box and discovering the wrong product inside. Even if you do all you can to correct the problem, that first impression will remain. Accurate fulfillment is critical to your company’s success. Customer support time, return shipping and reshipping, restocking expenses, and cancelled orders are all costs associated with fulfillment issues.

As a result, Pro Prep and Fulfillment assures each client’s correctness. Each order will be properly packed and shipped. We try to keep our accuracy rate as high as possible. Pro Prep and Fulfillment offers one of the highest accuracy percentages in the logistics sector, with a large number of happy clients to vouch for us.

Fast Shipping

Every year, the pace of ecommerce accelerates. We understand that customers expect their orders to be delivered as soon as possible. We guarantee that your items are delivered as soon as possible. We understand happy clients mean more business for you. Thus we strive to provide accurate and fast services to make your customers keep coming back for more.


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The objective of Pro Prep and Fulfillment is to collaborate with you in order to help your company achieve its maximum potential.Get state-of-the-art warehouse services for best-in-class performance in storage, container stuffing, fulfillment, kitting, and other handling and transportation services. We have clean, hygienic, and upgraded modern facilities that handle your goods.

We offer versatile international warehousing and fulfillment services that adapt to your changing needs. You get fulfillment, storage, and distribution warehouse that all meet the purposes required of them to serve you well.

We understand that order management requires more than just placing and fulfilling a purchase order. Hence, we are dedicated and committed to ensuring that your products look their best and reach your customers safely.

Contact us today and start your ecommerce journey with accuracy and peace of mind!

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