Subscription and Crowdfunding

An Alternate Method of Funding an Idea


Fund Your Idea and Reward Others

CTA Our Services

     Subscription and Crowdfunding campaigns have gained popularity and are an alternative to traditional investing strategies.  We assist with the campaigns that offer rewards for the donor investment which requires shipment of goods.  Set up the campaign, integrate with us, and put your newly funded project to work!

API Integration

     API integration with your campaign platform allows us to Streamline the Fulfillment Process.  Once the accounts are linked, all processing occurs within our software to include purchasing and printing shipping labels.

Receiving and Inspection

     Attention to Detail is at our core and we are your safety net for your products.  Our team members are trained to Amazon’s strict standards and prevent outflow of damaged goods.  We also ensure your shipments match the BOL’s and ship slips for order mishaps.

Pick and Pack

     Inventory is warehoused on shelving in specific locations within the 3PL section of the warehouse.  Items are picked and placed on carts in separate bins for each order; reducing error and increasing efficiency.  The packing stations pull each order, scan the packing slip, and Scan Every Item in the order to ensure order accuracy.

Cost-Effective & Flexible Shipping

     We work closely with the UPS, FedEx, and the USPS to keep rates to a minimum; saving you money along the way.  Our Central Location in the US keeps shipping costs down by reducing the distance to the most populated areas of the US.

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