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Products Prepped and Shipped to FBA Fulfillment Centers

An FBA Prep Center That Strengthens Your Link With The Customers

If you are looking for reliable, top-notch, and affordable FBA prep services to cost-effectively store and ship your merchandise to Amazon warehouses for replenishing your goods, look no further than Pro Prep. Increase your sale by reaching out to new customers through Amazon while we make sure your Amazon prep services meet the stringent rules set by Amazon.

Pro Prep has extensive experience in preparing for FBA in all capacities. You get container opening, repacking, kitting, to labeling products with barcodes all under one secure roof! You can stick to your growth track without increasing the overhead costs by outsourcing the amazon FBA prep service to Pro Prep so that your products get to your customers safe and on time.

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What Is Fulfillment By Amazon

Fulfillment by Amazon is a program that Amazon offers to its online sellers so that they can ship and store all their goods in Amazon fulfillment centers. When a purchase is made at Amazon, it picks, packs, and ships the products to your clients at a particular fee. It is an incredible way to scale and grow your business. We at Pro Prep are dedicated to helping you make your business and its operations successful and so offer you high-end FBA fulfillment services.

An Extension Of Your E-Commerce Business

Pro Prep offers you Amazon prep services so that you can save your money. Our FBA prep center creates an ideal balance between speed and cost reduction. Our people are experts in packing and shipping all sizes and types of items.

Although you might not find fulfillment to be an exciting part of your eCommerce business, it is an essential one. Since Amazon fulfillment service provider is a critical partner for you to ensure the future growth of your business, you need committed service providers like Pro Prep to be at your side.

Our Amazon FBA Prep Process:

We have been preparing FBA inventory in all capacities, including opening containers and repackaging thousands of SKUs to labeling products. Despite the size of the job, you can expect our Amazon prep services to be 100% every time!

You Send Us Your Inventory

You can send us your inventory without any restrictions to the amount

Prepping For Amazon

Pro Prep builds the shipment, confirms the dimensions and weight, forwards the information to Amazon, prints the labels, and notifies you once your order is sent its way to Amazon. We can even repackage your goods before shipping them

Replenishing Amazon As Per Requirement

We store your excess inventory to replenish Amazon warehouses whenever they place an order with us. We are cognizant of the strict turnaround requirements by Amazon and make sure that we prep and ship your orders on time.

Labeling Service

We cater to all types of labeling needs:

  • carton and shipping labels provided by Amazon
  • carton and shipping labels as well as individual product labels

We make all your labeling needs easy. As we receive an FBA order, we get into the Amazon software on your behalf to confirm the labeling requirement and print and apply the labels according to Amazon’s specifications.

An Amazon 3PL for All Your Fulfillment Requirements

The ferocious competition in the markets worldwide hinges on responsive and timely services that we can help you achieve. A strategic 3pl partner like Pro Prep provides you with flexible and scalable global 3pl fulfillment warehouse services, so you get the support you need.

Stay on top of your inventory and order levels with Pro Prep to ensure you offer the utmost care to your clients. Whether an established company, a growing company, or a startup, we work with you as a partner and not just any FBA fulfillment company.

Our Amazon FBA prep services comprise:

Pick & Pack

Our advance order fulfillment system guarantees efficient and accurate picking and packing. You get charged only for the products shipped rather than all


It is a process to streamline the supply chain and reduce the costs throughout the process. We can handle consolidations and deconsolidations as well so that you can benefit from the shipping discounts and enjoy an easier shipping process.

Intelligent Storing

Our strategically designed storage and inventory system assign products to a designated area. It optimizes the storage location and reduces costs for you. We only charge for the days your Amazon products are stored in the warehouse, which saves you from paying for unnecessary things. We have a state-of-the-art facility that is secured that keeps your products protected.

API Integration

You get transformative technology that allows you to think beyond the conventional lines. You get to approach the market with the aim of redefining it. Our API integration and other automated mapping and bundling services enable you to focus on other things rather than worry about tracking, fulfillment, or inventory levels.

Premium Storage Facility

Prep Pro has strategically designed a storage and inventory system for assigning products to the designated areas. Our warehouse is equipped with a cutting-edge security system to guarantee the safety of your products.

Kitting And Customization

Sell kitted and customized products at Amazon as we pack kits, sets, and boxes with the coming of orders. We also provide you with unpacking, repairing, and returning services. Our well-trained staff is capable of handling a range of special requests.

Compliance With Amazon Standards

The failure to comply with FBA product standards results in refusal, return of inventory, or disposal along with non-compliance chargers. Prep Pro prepares your inventory before shipping it to Amazon warehouses and guarantees you that your inventory will meet all the stringent preparation requirements.

Why Outsource FBA FulFillment Service To Pro Prep

We offer seamless integrations to major eCommerce apps as well as an intuitive, web-based app that manages your inventory and fulfillment from anywhere and on any device. We have a committed onboarding team that works diligently to ensure the accuracy of data for new customers.

As soon as the order is placed on the Amazon store, we find the quickest, most affordable, and secure shipping method based on the location of the inventory and the client’s delivery preference. We work with many known carriers across the globe.

In case your stock disappears or is damaged in the warehouse, you lose money. There are many contractors who include a shrinkage allowance for this reason. The allowance is the percent of stock that a fulfillment warehouse can lose or damage.

We at Pro Prep know that we are better than that. Our experienced staff, extensive security, and warehousing processes guarantee you the prevention of loss and damage. In case we do lose or break an item, we pay you back. All our teams treat your products as our own.

Pro Prep has FBA fulfillment centers that make for cost-effective solutions to split and store inventories across major shipping zones, which lowers the price for you and your client.

We stay in touch with all our teams to make sure you get high-end FBA fulfillment services that take your business to soaring heights! Benefit from award-winning Amazon prep services by Prep Pro.

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