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Products Prepped and Shipped to FBA Fulfillment Centers

An FBA Prep Center That Strengthens Your Link With The Customers

Your products will get to your customers on time

Whether you are currently selling on Amazon or if your business is ready to expand into the FBA market, Pro Prep and Fulfillment is the best partner for your company.  Our customer base is made up of all types of sellers and we treat all products like they’re our own.

Pro Prep has extensive experience in preparing for FBA in all capacities. We offer services from container receiving, repacking, kitting, to labeling products with barcodes all under one secure roof! You can stick to your growth track by outsourcing the Amazon FBA prep service to Pro Prep so that your products get to an Amazon Warehouse quickly and packaged correctly.

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Fast and Accurate

24-48 Hour Turn Around for Increased Cash Flow

Fulfillment by Amazon is a program that Amazon offers to its online sellers so that they can ship and store all their goods in Amazon fulfillment centers. 

We at Pro Prep are dedicated to providing a high-end FBA fulfillment service that you can trust. Our turn around time is faster than the competition; with our first in first out (FIFO) system we are able to get your products to the Amazon warehouse as quickly as possible. 

Why Outsource FBA Fulfillment Service To Pro Prep

We offer a seamless integration to your Seller Central account.  Once set up, the team can receive, label, and create inbound FBA shipments within our software.  This eliminates the need for user permissions, shared spread sheets, and time needed for back-and-forth communication.

We prep 1,000’s of items every day across many item categories with minimal issues.  Our team is highly trained and well-versed in the strict requirements of FBA which ensures your metrics remain high.

Our direct integration with Seller Central allows us to create the shipping plan, purchase the shipping labels, and schedule LTL shipments. 

We load small parcel and LTL shipments daily and have fork lifts, loading docks, automated pallet wrapping, etc to ensure products arrive safely at their destination.

We run our production on a First In, First Out (FIFO) system to ensure a timely turn around of your products.  We hold our team to a 24-48 turn around from the time products are delivered to the time they leave the facility with flexible manpower to assist.  (Order size can affect processing times)

An Extension Of Your E-Commerce Business

We're experts in packing and shipping

Pro Prep offers you Amazon prep services so that you can save your money. Our FBA prep center creates an ideal balance between speed and cost reduction. Our team members are experts in packing and shipping all sizes and types of items.

Although you might not find fulfillment to be an exciting part of your eCommerce business, it is an essential one. Since an Amazon fulfillment service provider is a critical partner for the growth of your business, you need committed service providers like Pro Prep to be at your side.

Our Amazon FBA Prep Process

Amazon prep services will be 100% every time

We have been preparing FBA inventory in all capacities, including bagging, shrink wrapping, bundling, labeling, custom packaging for since 2017. Despite the size of the job, you can expect our Amazon prep services to be 100% every time!

Send Us Your Inventory

You can send us your inventory without any restrictions to the amount knowing that our team properly handles hundreds of shipments every day, for businesses of all sizes. We can accept full cases of pre prepped products from the manufacturer and drip feed inventory into the FBA system.

Prepping For Amazon

Pro Prep builds the shipment, confirms the dimensions and weight, forwards the information to Amazon, prints the labels, and hands over to the carrier without you lifting a finger. From shrink wrapping, to bundling, to labeling – we’ve got you covered!

Replenishing Amazon

We store your excess inventory to replenish Amazon when you need additional product.  This includes case-packed and palleted goods.

Replenishment requests are processed daily and most leave the same day they are requested.  We run on a first in first out system and most shipments leave our warehouse within 24-48 hours.

Private Label Services

We cater to all types of services for private label companies:

  • Shrink wrapping and packaging products
  • Carton and Shipping Labels
  • Rebranding
  • Custom Stickers and Barcodes

Contact us with your specific request!

Shipping and Receiving

Pro Prep and Fulfillment can handle incoming and outgoing shipments of all sizes. From LTL, FTL and large shipping containers. 


Proprietary Software

Our proprietary software is available to all of our customers that have an Amazon Seller Central Account. We are able to do all of our processing via our software without having a requirement of having user accounts to your Amazon account. You can rest easy knowing your account is safe and your shipments are handled!

Let Pro Prep and Fulfillment help your eCommerce and FBA Business flow

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