FBA Prep Services

Products Prepped and Shipped to FBA Fulfillment Centers


Full Service FBA Fulfillment

  • Quality Control
  • Repackaging
  • Labeling
  • Fragile Item Preparation
  • Loose Products
  • Bundles and Multi-Packs
  • Boxed Units
  • Poly Bagged Units
  • Case-Packed Products
  • Expiration Dates
  • Adult Product Preparations

API Integration

     API integration with your Seller Central Account allows us to Eliminate User Permissions.  Once the accounts are linked, all processing occurs within our software to include purchasing and printing FBA shipping labels.

Receiving and Inspection

     Attention to Detail is at our core and we are your safety net for your products.  Our team members are trained to Amazon’s strict standards and prevent outflow of damaged goods.  We also ensure your shipments match the BOL’s and ship slips for order mishaps.

Prep and Label

     We are a Full Service Prep Company and we do anything from labeling to complex kitting.  Thousands of items pass through our doors every day and we’ve prepped just about everything.  Processing lead times average 24-48 hours from when the shipment arrives at our warehouse

Ship to FBA Fulfillment Centers

     Dunnage and Shipping Boxes are included in the cost and we maximize item quantities to reduce the per item shipping costs.  FBA and shipping labels are pulled from your Seller Central account via the API connection and we are within a day of many FBA fulfillment centers.

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