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High volume Kitting & Bundling services that are dependable and accurate

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We prepare and fulfill different packing types.

From your custom boxes to packing units and variable sets.


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High Volume Kits

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We Support
High Volume Customers

Pro Prep and Fulfillment’s kitting and bundling services are designed with efficiency in mind.

  • Keep Amazon supply stocked
  • eCommerce orders in timely manner
  • Packages with multiple units, sizes, shapes

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Kitting and bundling with Pro Prep allows you to
sell bundles and individual products


Pro Prep kitting and bundling services have never been easier. We can pack and prep your custom kits, multi-packs, and ship them quickly.

We help business of all sizes sell their products online and provide hassle-free kitting, bundling, and shipping services.

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Why Choose Kitting & Bundling Services at Pro Prep?

Timely Preparation

Warehouse staff and space fully setup to handle on-the-fly packing and fulfillment. We pride ourselves in being efficient and accurate.

Fewer Shipping Mistakes

Shipping items in the form of a kit reduces the chances of error with order fulfillment. Items are pre-packed and inspected before a sale occurs.

Flexibility with Manufacturing

Kitting Services aren’t always available at the manufacturer.  Also, many components of a product are manufactured in various locations and need a central location for kitting.  Whether you are simply adding inserts or assembling multiple components to one final SKU, we’ve got you covered.

Better Packaging

Brand awareness is crucial for the customer experience and repeat business.  Choose how your products are presented to the customer instead of everything jumbled in a box or mailer.

2 to 3 business days reach

Centrally located in United States

We are able to get your kits and bundles to customer faster because we are in southern Illinois.

Save on cost of outbound shipping to our warehouse.

Customers save on inbound shipping from our warehouse.

Our Software

Integrate with eCommerce platforms and Amazon FBA

Integrate your online carts including eCommerce platforms and Amazon FBA to streamline your business’ prep and fulfillment needs. Customer portals allow for direct access to all of your information including: products, order status, billing information, and more. With our software we help improve transparency and make it easy to manage. Learn more.


Our Software Integrations

Pro Prep is Ready to Help bundling and kit for you!

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Our Core Values


We believe time is a precious resource that should not be wastedTimely involves being prompt and responsive, honoring commitments, and managing time efficiently to deliver results and maintain reliability.


We believe in hard work and doing what we say we’re going to doDependable involves fulfilling promises and responsibilities, and others can count on individuals with this core value to deliver high-quality work and support when needed.


We believe that we must adapt, or we will be left behind.  Adaptable involves being flexible, open-minded, and receptive to change, while still maintaining a positive attitude and a willingness to learn and grow.


We believe the effective transfer of information is accomplished through transparency in an open and honest approach.  Communication involves active listening, clarity in speech and writing, and the ability to convey messages in a respectful and constructive manner.


We believe in doing the right thing, even when nobody is lookingIntegrity involves being honest, trustworthy, and maintaining a strong sense of personal and professional ethics.   

Forward Thinking

We believe in using the past to create a future that’s more efficient, effective, and betters the lives of othersForward Thinking involves being proactive, innovative, and anticipating potential challenges and opportunities.

Ready to talk?

We’ll talk through your kitting and bundling needs to deliver a quote.