Kitting and Bundling

Increase Order Value with a Single SKU

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Accelerate your eCommerce sales

Pro Prep offers you complete kitting services that accelerate your eCommerce sales! Brands across several verticals trust us to provide their customers with the products they love.

Quality control is cruicial for bundle builds and we ensure consistency in every step of the process.  Our team packs products to your standard; whether they require poly bags, shrink wrap, or custom packaging. 

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Your Time and Money Are Invaluable to Us

Trust our kitting and bundling services to save you both!

Pro Prep and Fulfillment’s kitting and bundling services are designed with efficiency in mind. If you have several products you would like bundled or kitted trust our dedicated team to keep your products organized and out the door. 

Creating An Experience To Remember!

You focus on business, we'll handle the rest

Our warehouses and fulfillment center is designed for kitting and optimizing all types of items so that your brand exceeds the expectation of your customers. As your relationship with your customers strengthens, so does your relationship with us!

You Focus On Your Business Details While We Take Care Of The Rest!

How Kitting Services Help

Make it Easy on Your Customer

People like convenience and that’s what makes bundles so popular.    

Fewer Shipping Mistakes

Shipping items in the form of a kit reduces the chances of error with order fulfillment. Items are pre-packed and inspected before a sale occurs.

Flexibility with Manufacturing

Kitting Services aren’t always available at the manufacturer.  Also, many components of a product are manufactured in various locations and need a central location for kitting.  Whether you are simply adding inserts or assembling mulitple components to one final SKU, we’ve got you covered.

Better Packaging

Brand awareness is crucial for the customer experience and repeat business.  Choose how your products are presented to the customer instead of everything jumbled in a box or mailer.

Let Pro Prep and Fulfillment help your eCommerce and FBA Business flow

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