Kitting and Bundling

Increase Order Value with a Single SKU


Multiple Variations Equals Multiple Options for Customers


     Kitting and Bundling is a great way to showcase complementary items and to easily increase order value.  It’s also a way to combine products from multiple manufacturers into one SKU with custom packaging or inserts.  Items are either pre-kitted prior to storing or multiple SKU’s can be mapped to a single SKU; it’s up to you.

API Integration

     API integration with your Seller Central Account and shopping carts allows us to Eliminate User Permissions.  Once the accounts are linked, all processing occurs within our software to include purchasing and printing shipping labels.

Receiving and Inspection

     Attention to Detail is at our core and we are your safety net for your products.  Our team members are trained to Amazon’s strict standards and prevent outflow of damaged goods.  We also ensure your shipments match the BOL’s and ship slips for order mishaps.


     Kitting Services aren’t always available at the manufacturer.  Many components of a product are manufactured in various locations and need a central location for kitting.  Whether you are simply adding inserts or assemling mulitple components to one final SKU, we’ve got you covered.


     Bundling is similar to kitting but is simply combining multiple products to a single SKU.  This is more commonly known as a “multipack’s” or “combo pack’s”.  This pre-selected combo creates upsells and helps promote products that don’t sell well on their own.  It’s also a good way to promote new products when combined with well-known items.

Inventory Management

     All Components of SKU’s are stored as individual items and then bundled in the software.  This allows for multiple combinations and inventory planning as the SKU count grows.

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