Repair and Relabeling

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     Product Repair and Relabeling can repurpose dead or problematic inventory.  We’ve repackaged and relabeled all types of products that are returns, damaged in shipment, changing listings, rebranding, etc.  Manufacturing defects and damaged goods can also be repaired in many cases, so reach out to us about your specific project.

Amazon Removal Orders

     Avoid Costly FBA storage fees by sending to us to process and store at our facility.  Or, remove to relabel or repackage for a different listing or rebranding.


     We Close-the-Loop and take care of returned goods as well.  Items are received, inspected, added back to stock or discarded as directed by you.  Many items are damaged by the customer and need attention, so we can discuss options on how to address them as they arrive.

Manufacturing Defects

     Were your products Manufactured with a Defect?  Do you have deep stock of visual or functional flaws that need fixed?  We can set up a plan to address these deficiencies to make the items sellable again.

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